Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What style of yoga do you teach?

A: I would call my classes an intuitive style of yoga. I would say it is predominantly hatha yoga but depending on my class and their energy levels on the day it may be very flowing, similar to a vinyasa class, other times it’s stronger or more technique focused or more restorative. Classes are authentic and tailored to suit.

Q: Do you physically adjust students during class?

A: Yes I do adjust from time to time, although my adjustments are gentle and geared toward helping you bring your awareness to certain areas of your body to feel the alignment of an asana (pose). I will not haul or force anyone into an asana at any stage. Remember, in my classes though, it’s your body, your rules. If you do not want to be physically adjusted at any stage I will not take offence.

Q: Can I come along and just watch a class before I decide if it’s for me?

A: The short answer is no. I aim to provide a safe environment for my classes where people feel comfortable at all times and having people look on while we have our butts in the air and legs all over the place is not exactly comforting for most of my students. After all, yoga is not a performance art. I am happy to answer any questions or concerns you have before you attend any of my classes though.

Q: I am pregnant, can I still attend classes?

A: It depends how far along in your pregnancy you are and how experienced you are in your own practice so get in contact with me. I am not offering pregnancy specific classes at this stage but I do have contact details for a couple of brilliant pregnancy specific yoga classes if you need them.

Q: Do I have to bring my own mat?

A: Nope, mats are provided but you are welcome to bring your own if you would prefer or if you need extra cushioning.


Q: I’m not a member of Zenith, but I’d like to come to your class in Palmerston North, do I have to be a member to come?

A: No you don’t need to be a member of Zenith to come along to yoga. My yoga classes are run from the mezzanine studio in Zenith but are not just for members, as with all my classes, everyone is welcome but you will need to contact me to book a spot! If you are looking at joining Zenith however, just have a word with one of the awesome staff members there and they will help you out.